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Appliance common sense to know that good health is more important


Summer, the use of various household appliances How much do you know? Now that the common issues for the maintenance of household appliances.

1, TV.

I believe everyone is familiar with, and even can be said to see the big small appliances, but its maintenance you noticed it? First, in accordance with the normal start-TV's program to avoid direct switching power supply, which will reduce the life of the TV. Secondly, a lot of people in order to cast a layer of gauze television appearance, but which to some extent would hinder the cooling function TV watching television when the best remove the gauze, or shut down about an hour after the TV then cast to TV can proper cooling. Finally, the TV screen is very prone to static electricity, so there will be some fine dust attached to the above, it should always wipe with a damp cloth wrung TV screen.

2, refrigerator

Now basically every household has a refrigerator, we all know that the refrigerator has cooling function, it must be the heat. Here to tell you about a refrigerator cooling can effectively help the coup, it is to damp two refrigerator magnet fixed to the side of the heat, both to help the refrigerator cooling, can also "dry" with a damp cloth, do both.

3, air conditioning

The arrival of summer, so the more frequent use of air conditioning in here to tell you, although air conditioning can reduce the temperature, you feel cool, but not a long time with air conditioning, air conditioning to sleep at night is best not to open. Sealing strong tone room, indoor and outdoor air can not exchange indoor air of harmful microbes bacteria, viruses and other easy to breed and multiply, lower air quality, over time, it is easy to reduce the body's own immune function, but also vulnerable to bacterial infections and illness. If it must, then open air, the temperature should be at 24 ℃ to 27 ℃, indoor and outdoor temperature should not be higher than 5 ℃, otherwise easy to get "Air conditioning disease", there will be a cold, fever and other symptoms.

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