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Small appliances power consumption can be very scary to understand saving tips


do you know? A versatile dispenser daily consumption may exceed refrigerator, cooker one year's electricity consumption has more than a washing machine, if not pay attention to small appliances energy-saving, we will waste a lot of electricity per month.

    Often referred to energy saving, people often think of is how for home refrigerators, air conditioners and other large appliances use power-saving, but ignores some usually looked humble small appliances, in fact, these seemingly ordinary day humble small appliances, in fact, more than a power-hungry.

    Small appliances power consumption is actually quite amazing

    With the improvement of awareness of energy saving, savvy consumers in the purchase of new appliances tend to choose when to begin saving, environmentally friendly appliances, but reporters found that most consumers are often only concerned with large appliance energy-saving features, similar fountains heaters and other small appliances power-saving features, but tend to ignore.

    It is understood that, with the average daily consumption of a heating, cooling function of water dispenser is more than 1 degree, and one has been identified as an energy-efficient energy-saving refrigerators average daily power consumption is only 0.4 degrees, compared with , small appliances power consumption is indeed staggering. A certain brand of skill Master Zhao told reporters, in fact, many small appliances more energy than large appliances, the family commonly used microwave ovens, rice cookers, induction cooker and other small appliances actually are power-hungry, the appliance's electricity consumption for a year also more than a washing machine, and rice cookers day consumption has more than one of the energy-saving refrigerators.

    During the interview, the reporter also learned that many people would televisions, computers and other long put on standby, but did not actually noticed the standby power consumption is not small. Professionals said appliance for a long time in standby mode, its power consumption accounted for 10% of normal consumption of electricity to 21 inches TV, for example, the average daily standby time is about 16 hours, the monthly consumption of more than 4 degrees, that is to say We monthly on TV more than a waste of electricity to reach 2 to 3 yuan, if coupled with other electrical expenses, which is not a small number.

    High energy prices are not popular small appliances

    Since these small appliances such energy, but in everyday life, we can not do without them, then there is no energy saving small appliances products? The answer is of course. But the reporter in the subsequent interview that sales of these energy-saving small appliances is not good.

    Reporter visited the store found that many manufacturers have energy-efficient appliances, such as: smart water dispenser, can automatically power down to the insulating state, and some rice cookers, induction cookers, electric water heaters, energy-saving products, are known can be compared to the traditional half of the energy-saving products.

    Although many energy-saving appliances, but many consumers are not cold, a home appliance store sales manager, energy-saving refrigerators, air-conditioning sales now account for about 80% of the total product, however, not even the sales of energy-saving small appliances small appliances half of total sales are lower than reason, mainly energy-saving small appliances prices are generally high, and even some energy-saving products more expensive than ordinary price doubled, so a lot of consumers do not buy it, resulting in energy conservation Small appliances concern is not high.

    Power to see these children want to move, reporters gathered some experts have summed up the small appliances power tactics, according to Ms. Lee introduced, with microwave breakfast, you can cover with plastic wrap or outside food bowl, so Water is not a huge loss, but the heating time will be shortened, to save battery power. Further, according to a certain order to make good use of the heating time iron ironing will avoid a lot of waste, iron just use it when heated ironing some lower temperature of synthetic clothing, and then again when the temperature rises ironing resistance temperature higher cotton and linen fabrics, and finally power, use of waste heat and then pressing the remaining portion of the polyester clothing. In addition, there are tricks saving water heaters, hot water, or if the home at any time need a bath every day, you can heat the water heater located in the file, so the water is always warm water heater, and electrical insulation used in heating than a tank of cold water consumed Many of electricity less.

Liu, also a retired master power, he gave reporters about the rice cooker saving tactics: When the rice cooker lid with a towel on the lid, reduce heat loss will shorten the cooking time, In addition, the rice cooked the best to unplug the power to prevent the rice cooker automatically ohmic heating, warm water or hot water can also be used to cook, so you can save a third of the normal consumption.

    Hospital Buynow computer engineer, told reporters, the power consumption of home computers was not much, but if the boot time is too long, the power consumption can not be ignored, it may turn off the printer, speakers and other unused equipment, the display brightness appropriate to reduce, reduce boot time, which can save a lot of electricity.

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