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Small appliances ownership far lower than the United States and Europe of residents


The four-tier manufacturers active layout market, is not that a secondary market is already saturated? Development of a secondary market there is much?


European countries have a full family of small appliances is the amount of three times more, we need more time to reach the level of consumption of small household appliances in Europe and America do?


Small appliance sales rose steadily


"Drinking fountains, air-conditioning fan, soybean milk, juice machines, steamers, personal care products are selling well, sales have growth." Shenyang Suning Appliance relevant person in charge small appliances Kexin Liu told reporters, "People's living standards improved, demand for small appliances is more and more, people are still so buy in growth, overall sales rose steadily. "


"Food safety is to let our family are most worried about, plasticizers let us dare to drink the juice on the outside, or do it yourself at home, milk, fresh fruit juice and drink it." Soymilk is the selection of Ms. Cheng told reporters . Nine Yang Soymilk sales staff, told reporters recently, holding his hands to make food more healthy state of mind to buy more and more people Soymilk.


Increase the promotion of small kitchen appliances


Beijing PRC, market research Co., Ltd. research data shows that European countries small household appliances has a capacity of more than 30 pieces of Chinese households per household less than 10.

Kexin Liu said that China's small household appliance market saturation has indeed far below the amount of European countries, but the concept of consumer demand is gradually increasing. At the same time, "we also toaster, yogurt, coffee pots and other Western-style kitchen appliances intensify propaganda, although less sales, but there are also growth."


"We are strengthening personnel training, increase promotional activities twelve markets to increase market purchasing power." Reporters interviewed the brand of small household appliances manufacturers responsible person said, "At present, the relevant standards of small household appliances is still not perfect, we are also adding big say in the development of national standards, while promoting the development of the market, on the other hand to help promote their products. "


Small appliances will lift the next wave of consumer tide


Paller, senior director of consulting firm Luo Qingqi appliance industry expert in an interview with this reporter, said, small appliances have full amount is related to people's living standards are related, up to the national level in Europe and America, which requires a process, also is expected to 5 ~ 10 years.


Real estate boom, leading to major appliances to flourish, when the refrigerator, television, washing machines, computers such as the popularity of large household appliances --- necessities, small appliances, --- improve the quality of home appliances will usher in the next wave. Because of the small appliance relative to large consumer appliances have a standstill period, when the stability of people's lives, after living standards improve, they begin to consider the small appliances.

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